Pontoon repairs

Hello all.
I recently purchased a new pontoon boat.
it has been awesome so far.
This last Saturday I took it from Dodge to Oxbow and there isn't a single scratch on the toons even though I scraped my way down stream, hitting many a rock and even a log (Damn log/snag actually flipped my boat, but no scratches on my craft and only my pride was hurt).

but I do have one concern.
shortly after my float I was inspecting the toons and noticed there is a small series of holes (about 1Cm in length and 2MM wide, maybe 4 of them)
these hole are about a 1/4 of an inch from the weld in the toon.
this hole wasn't patched, but covered in glue.
it looks like they nicked the toon during welding and decided a glob of glue was better than a patch

the toon is 1500 nylon with 30Oz PVC.

so my questions is... should I demand a new toon from Dave Scadden (boat has been in the water 3 times) or should I request that they patch it with a PVC coated nylon patch?

I can upload a pic if that helps.
is the outer cover made of PVC or the inner bladder that has the holes?

either way I would call the toon manufacturer and politely (sugar coat it) explain the situation (take some pictures and send them via e-mail of the area in question) and ask if they could make it right by sending you a new tube (both outer skin and inner bladder) that has been inspected.

If the holes are in the frame I would again take pictures and send to them and request a new section of frame.

If the holes are in the frame on both sides you might call and ask why as there may be a reason.

These holes are only in the PVC coated nylon, the urethane bladder and the frame are fine.

I am just surprised they dabbed it with glue and didn't put a patch over it.
seems a little weak to me.

I will post a picture here in a few
Combat Chuck
Check to see if there is a patch on the inside... thats where a patch would go and a little glue on the outside just for some extra security. The outside shell is just for protection and doesn't need to be air tight. FYI the glue I used to repair mine was some serious stuff and I had complete faith that the toon was 100%. If mine came new like that though, I dont think i'd be too happy.
there is no patch on the inside, but only one of the 4 scratches is actually all the way through the outside shell (shined a light from inside the shell and you can barely see visible light from the outside)
I will prob just patch it.
would hate to be without a toon for a few weeks (during the last stretch of our summer)

the toon has held so far.
even with hitting a log and many rocks I cannot find a single ding or scratch in the PCV... tougher then i thought it was.

I went to Andy and Bax to get some spare PVC to make Skids for the bottom of each toon.
they suggested that I use MEK and a PVC contact cement.

do you remember the name of your glue?

when I bought my toon I ordered a patch kit, but the tube of adhesive popped in transit and it ate the thin label off the tube.
but it did not have MEK or any other prep chemical in the kit.
Combat Chuck
Sta Bond ... PVC adhesive. I had to order it from the flyshop in Welches. Its basically only a one time use because its a two part glue but sure is good.
ok, I got from Vynabond and a jar of MEK-Methyl Ethyl Ketone

I am going to try this first.
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