Oxbow Day 2

Two days in a row and still no ink on paper...I hit all the holes today and worked pretty hard at it. Bobber and jigs (2hrs)...Drift fished eggs, yarnies, corkey and yarn sets, steele worms, etc. (2hrs)...Spinners (2hrs)...Total approx. 6 hours fishing time...I fished all over Gordon, Boat Launch, Picnic, etc....I did find some good new spots that should hold fish...I think that Gordon actually might be better now as well as the boat launch. Everyone that I talked to didn't have any luck either..I saw about 6-7 boat trailers at Launch (the usual suspects) I was thinking just up from the new "twin trees" at Gordon would be a great Salmon slot now..it seems wider to me...gonna keep at it though!

i gotta get out there with u soon
Just let me know bro!

Thanks for the report. I went back to sleep this morning, instead of hitting the water. Apparently, time well spent.:)
Dang. I don't know why you didn't bag n' tag some fish today. Afterall, I did spot your nicely deployed chute this morning.
i am going to hit it tomarrow! start out at marmont and maybe move to cedar creek if anyone wants to meet up i will be at sandy donut shop at 630 am. got a call from jr guide service they had 7 fish on and landed 5 from oxbow down somewhere?
anyway if anyone want to fish tomarrow message me...
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