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A buddy and I were talking yesterday about fishing trips, and plans for the future, and he said that we need to sit down and come up with a fishing "bucket" list for the year. A list of fish species and tactics in Oregon that we have always wanted to chase. Here is what I have come up with so far, in no particular order of importance.

1. Kokanee in their spawning colors
2. Steelhead on a fly rod
3. Striped Bass
4. California Halibut
5. Wolf Eel

Does anyone else have some sort of a similar list? What would you guys add?


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That is a nice list and I haven't ever caught any of those yet. I will be happy to tag more than two or three salmon and steelhead. Other than that, a striper is on my list and I am ashamed that my personal best lingcod is only 24". I am always looking to improve on that. Also, a keeper Mac would be nice.


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I have not, but I also dont have access to a boat without a guide. Tuna is definitely on a need to catch list, but will have to wait for a little while


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I was able to get some spawning kokanee right before the snow hit on crescent lake a couple years back they were up in the shallows and all the browns and a few big mackinaw were hanging out under the kokanee was trying for the bigger guys but those little kokanee wouldn't leave my hook alone lol

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