Oregon fires

We got lucky with the ARCHIE fire and did not loose our home but 109 locals did. It may be a while before I can get to diamond depending on the roads. BE safe.


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@Admin I know that Raincatcher is okay!!! She posted that she is safe on Facebook!!! YAY!!!

And some other friends of mine who were at Detroit for the holiday weekend; got out of there just in time too!
@troutdude, thanks for that update.. logged in after quite some time when I remembered that she lives somewhere in Santiam. Keep safe, folks. Following CNN updates from India, sad to see this happening.

Probably a bad time for a joke, but for those of you who will never get a chance to visit India, this is your chance to experience the normal air quality in New Delhi.


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I appreciate the interest that these fires have gotten but people are missing the bigger picture.
I have an education in natural resource management and have spent a number of years fighting fire. Yes, the weather conditions are what made these fires so explosive and fast-moving. These types of events are tragic due to loss of life, property, and economic impacts.

I have been preaching to anyone that will listen, we live in a wildfire world governed by Agee's paradox...which states " by suppressing wildfire we have created a fire favorable environment". This means that through our firefighting over the last 100 years we have allowed unprecedented build-up of fire fuel in the forest. So when fires start they grow much larger and faster into uncontrollable monsters. Now you factor in climate change into that equation and you get unprecedented fire behavior.

If you look at the history of wild land fire fighting, it started with a noteable series of events in 1910 called the big burn. Our current level of fires occurring right now are on a scale on par with or greater than that event.

To conclude, rather than blaming climate change or domestic terrorists, we need to change our overall forest management through conscientious voting to change how we manage our country's public land.


we need to change our overall forest management
I would go even further and say we need to stop pretending that we can "manage" nature. All we can do is to attempt modifying (read destroying) something, that was perfectly self-managed for billions of years before we came, and will continue for billions of years after we have gone.

We "manage rivers", by not letting them flow freely, and then we wonder why floods destroy our cities. We "manage forests", by not letting fire to burn old, without touching new, and then we wonder why the fire burned everything.
Wave Crawler I am going to agree with you in a way I hope all will understand. What is going on in this world is Mans fault. Our own greed has been changing this world and now there are so many of us that we are paying the price. Think I am wrong then check out all the reports for the earths changing environment and you will find that it is always the fault of somebody else but we fail to look at our selves. The heat from our factory's, the smog from them, the heat from the exhaust from our cars, the heat from our heating systems to keep our homes warm and even the heat from our bodies. I will stop there.
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