OR rules for Kayak with ele. motor...

I recently e-mailed the Marine Board on this but have not heard back (it isn't urgent) but thought I would toss it out to the forum in case someone has dealt with this:

planning to configure before next summer a 1 person (1 dog) Kayak (14' Freedom Hawk Pathfinder) with a 36# elec. trolling motor. this means registering it and having boat numbers and such, no worries there. but what Oregon boating rules does it fall under:

although a single person watercraft, it clearly isn't a "Personal Watercraft" (not a Jetski), so those rules do not apply.

it is not a normal motorized boat (no gas motor, one person/one Lab on board, both wearing life jackets), so I do not think the fire extinguisher and throwable floation device requirements will apply.

and it is not always a self-powered/sailboat....

cheers, roger
You are just a power boat. If you look at the rules you would not need a fire extinguisher or a throwable flotation device even if you were gas powered. Here are the requirements:


1) Personal flotation devices:

Boats less than 16 feet in length and all canoes, rafts and kayaks, shall carry one Type I, II or III wearable device of suitable size for each person on board.

2) Sound devices: A boat less than39 feet 4 inches (12 meters) must carry a sound signalling device such as a whistle or compressed air horn.

3) One B-I type approved fire extinguisher when no fixed fire extinguishing system is installed in machinery space(s). (Fire extinguishers are not required on outboard motorboats less than 26 feet in length and of open construction.) No B-I type extinguisher is required if an approved fixed fire extinguishing system is installed in machinery space(s).

4) An approved carburetor backfire flame arrestor for inboard motors not exposed to the atmosphere above the gunwhale.

5) An effective muffling system for the exhaust of each internal combustion engine.

6) A ventilation system, the particular type dependent upon when the boat was built.

7) Lights (required only when underway or at anchor between sunset and sunrise, and during periods of restricted visibility).


Thus you need a PFD for yourself and a sound device. Since you are under 26' you do not need a fire extinguisher. Items 4,5,6 do not apply. You need an all round white light if out after dark. Also, I believe that since you are a power boat you will need a boater's license.
No boater's card required on craft under 10mph.
Unless you're planning on installing five Minn kota's! (Careful: you'll need 200 lbs of batteries to achieve 10 mph...for a minute)

True conversation with Clackamas River patrol:
He:"May I see your whistle?"
Me: (fumbling around for it) Darn, by the time I find it I would have drowned.
He: "Don't worry, we won't hear it over the motor, anyway."
Me: "Swell..."
Interesting, I just looked up the law and the rule is : People must carry a boater education card when operating boats greater than 10 hp, and youth 12-15 must carry the card when operating any size powerboat.

I did not realize there was a limit. Good catch. Carrying the whistle is to prevent a ticket, not save your life :)
thanks, or duh, I just missed some of that trying to check the requirements online, making this more complicated than it is. Our regular boat measured 16.5' when we moved it here so triggered the over 16' stuff, and whether required or not, I just would always have a good fire extinguisher on board a boat with gas outboards and an electrical system....thanks all. roger

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