ODFW Recreation Reports via email

ODFW publishes their Weekly Recreation Report online, on Tuesday or Wednesday each week. I am subscribed to receive those weekly reports via email. But, I always receive them on the following Saturday or Sunday.

Do any of you fellow OFF'ers also subscribe to this same service? If so, do you get them in your in-box any sooner than I do?

It is really frustrating to subscribe to this, when they are so late. I keep missing events on Saturday. I have written to ODFW, and not gotten any response. Why can't they set up their service, so we receive those emails on the SAME DAY THAT THE REPORTS ARE PUBLISHED???

P.S. Is this just another great waste of our tax dollars?
Just go to their site, it`s better than waiting.
Thanks for the suggestion. But, I'm so busy during the week, that I forgot to look for it.

Hence, the reason why I subscribed. So, I would get it automatically.

Am I simply assuming too much--that they would send it out the same day as it is published? Wouldn't it merely be a matter of writing a new programming / code string into their software?
You`d think so.....
Yep I get the emails too, always Sunday. I always check the site on Weds.
troutdude said:
Wouldn't it merely be a matter of writing a new programming / code string into their software?
Yep, few lines of code and e-mail notifications would go the moment the page updated

would you proved URL of the page with Weekly Recreation Report, please?
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Thanks. Well, they have RSS feed, you can subscribe to it and see updates when they happened. But it's weird that they make such a big delay between publishing news and sending e-mail notifications. Those mass mail sending programs require just one button hit to start mass mail sending. I wonder why it takes them several days to hit that button :lol:
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