Now this is a Rainbow

Feast your eyes on this beast....any one care to take a guess on the location...?

Heavenly Rainbow.JPG

Don't know where it is but it is beautiful. I hope they let it go so I can go catch it!
sweet lookin fish thats a hawg!
Throbbit _Shane
somwhere in B.C or shasta. and thats a HOG!!! id like to fight that on my 8wt xD
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Sahweet fish. That thing is a BEAST!
Kenai lake at the outlet.
Klamath Lake?
what about skilak lake or whatever it's called. thats on the kenai too. i heard there are monster fish in there
im with beaverfan...Big K
Mad dog
Couer d'Alene or Pend Oreille? Big Kamloops in there!
brandon4455 said:
what about skilak lake or whatever it's called. thats on the kenai too. i heard there are monster fish in there
it freezes almost completely over, but I guess he didn't say when the photo was taken...
I'd say my 1st guess is Wallowa Lake and second would be Upper Klamath Lake.
My guess is Lake Tahoe?
wow nice rainbow,thats a fatty for sure.
I agree with Ntofish... somewhere around Tahoe?
where is it from TS
Mad dog
The guy on the left looks really familiar??? I have seen him somewhere before.

Deffinetely NOT Klamath Lake, Doesn't really look like the Tahoe area, could be the Eagle caps in the background but doesn't look quite right and Wallowa isn't known for huge rainbow. The boat is equipped with downriggers, Hmmmm?
That ain't no hawg...that is a geniune BEAST!

I vote for Crane Prairie Reservoir.
Don't know where this is yet. But it has to be somewhere deep enough to support the use of downriggers and what seems like an off shore boat. It even has a stainless steel cleaning station aft. That lets out Crane Prairie Reservoir. A few years back I was foolish enough to take my 22' twin 115 hp boat to Crane Pairie. It has a 10 mph speed limit and is so shallow I had to lift the motors and use an oar to get from the ramp to a channel deep enough to lower the motors. Folks look at me like I was nuts! I was.;) I use the drift boat there now. I'd rule out Klamath Lake too as it is shallow. I'm kind of going with MadDog on this, somewhere like Lake Pen Oreille or Couer d' Alene Lake. Chuck you are having way too much fun with this:lol:
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