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Aug 5, 2020
Hi all!

New to crabbing, been doing some research and hit a standstill. I don’t own a boat or any crabbing traps, I’ve been to a place called “Jetty fishery marina rv park” once off of coos bay but we basically spent $100+ (Cost of Boat rental and gear) and DIDN’T catch any crab during the Month ending in “ber” season. We went at 5am. We’ve also tried dock crabbing and had no luck. I kind of want to go back since it seems the best option but am unsure as I hear it is molting season right now, and our best bet would be go to into deeper waters.

Is there anywhere else someone would recommend that would be more cost effective? Or is jetty the best place that offers boat rental? And traps?

Or should I buy all my own gear and just pay for the cost of the boat rental?

And for gear what gloves would be best? I’ve been looking at Home Depot water resistant grip gloves.

Any help would be appreciated!
We are trying to go within this month.
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Apr 28, 2014
Eugene, Or.
Not a lot I can tell you as I crab from my small boat and own my gear.
I do know that crabbing can be effective from the Docks, jetties and crabbing piers.
What I usually do is watch the tides and crab through the high or low tide change.
when the tide is changing in the bays the current slows and then briefly goes slack before flowing in the opposite direction. Crabs are usually most active during the slowest current flow.
Do you Facebook?
There are a couple of groups that discuss crabbing and other shell fishing in Oregon.
advice there is free and although some of it is only worth what you pay for it, people are happy to help you out. That include where the current best catches are being gotten from jetties and piers.

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Oct 20, 2015
I have my own boat and crab the same tides, do some research and find out what bait they are using. Talk to the pier crabbers but be polite about it. Oh forgetted to tell you, I don't fish out side of the bays. Sometimes I hit the fish markets in the stores and get the left overs for salmon, steel head etc. Chicken also works good, necks, wings, etc the less expensive parts. sorry won't divulge the other spots I hunt for bait.
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