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Just moved here from MN to Hillsboro/Beaverton. I haven’t noticed many lakes? Is it mostly river fishing? I have not done much river fishing, its the same basically... lol right? Any good tips on a close spot where I can take my som from shore? Any tips for bait/lure? Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Welcome to Oregon and to OFF. My mom's family moved here from MN, right after WWII. My grandpa was stationed at Camp Adair (Adair Village), a few miles north of Corvallis. And he liked it better out here; so he moved his family here after the war.

While we are not the land of 10,000 lakes. We do have many lakes which OFFer great fishing opportunities. I always recommend Maddy Diness Sheehan's book "Best Fishing in Oregon". Reading that book will bring you up to speed, the fastest. As it is chock full of valuable information including tips, maps, directions, types of species to be found and more. Get yourself a copy from any Fly Shop or Sporting Goods store or department. You will be glad that you did.

I also highly recommend Jed Davis's book "Spinner Fishing for Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout". Jed's book is specifically devoted to fishing right here in Oregon. His scientific approach will also bring you quickly up to speed.

The third book that I suggest is Bill Herzon's "Spoon Fishing for Steelhead". Which also applies to trout fishing; as steelhead are simply sea run rainbow trout. You can cover a lot of water with spoons.

The closest lake to you--with great fishing opportunities--is Henry Hagg Lake. It is now open year round and features stocked rainbow trout (up to 12 pounds), state record smallmouth bass, native cutthroat trout (which locals prefer to see safely released back into the lake), crappie and bluegill. Here is a map which will help you figure out where to go. NOTE: there is a daily fee of $7.00, to enter the park (or you can get an annual pass if you wind up going there a lot).

Also stream fishing for trout just opened up yesterday. So it's time to give that a go as well. Little Cleo spoons and Fire Tiger patterned Rooster Tail spinners, are my "go to" lures. And if you head over to fish coastal stream--especially for Bluebacks (sea run cutthroat trout), which will enter the rivers in July--take small brown Rooster Tails. Which mimick crawdad fry that those fish gorge on.

Good luck and tight lines. Let us now how you do!

P.S. Get yourself a copy of the 2020 regulations book. Game Wardens/OFFicers expect you to know the laws; before you wet a line. If you have questions, just ask.



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Pick up a copy of "Fishing in Oregon" Has info on every lake and river in the state.Very good book. And welcome!


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Thank you for the awesome replies! That is a lot of reading, but I suppose I got the time now :)

It appears I have to live here for 6 months or pay non-resident fee for licensing? Might have to way until that passes.

Very excited for some different species of fish and some new locations to do that!
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