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So, I'm heading to Bend end of month and want to try out my totally inexperienced hand at fly fishing. I've been told the Crooked River is good place for a newbie. Anyone have some pointers for this river? I'll be using a 9' 5wt with brand new WF5F line. If this works for me my better half told me I could spend my allowance on more "fishy stuff".
It works, a smaller rod would be more fun on the crooked because of the small size average, but those little redbands and their whitefish pals are scrappy. Floating line definitely. For winter fishing I like small mayfly imitations,midges,scuds,and tiny egg patterns, small attractor patterns work as well. Most of their food is pretty small and I find it most productive to nymph (bobber fish) this time of year, though I’ve caught some dry fly and soft hackle bites on sunny winter days.
If you aren’t familiar with fly patterns and all I highly suggest stopping by a fly shop on your way through so they can set you up with what you need. Concentrate on recreational access like campsites and such the first 7-8 miles below the dam, this section has the highest concentration of fish.

Good luck!
Crooked River a great place to try out the fly rod. Check the search, you will find a ton of information about the Crooked there.

"If you have the opportunity to veer off hwy 97 and cut over toward Prineville follow hwy 27 along the Crooked River to mile post 12 to 18 is just what you are looking for medium sized trout and plenty of them. Best when the water flow is at least 75 cfs. Plenty of places to camp and awesome scenery. For dry flies I like Callibaetis Compara-dun, I also tie this in an all black pattern and it has worked for me on that river. For nymphs I like the pheasant tail. I wade to the center of the river and cast back into the cut bank. One thing about this river is that it is always a bit off color. Don't let that bother you the fish are used to it. I've only seen a couple of rattle snakes over there, they are not really a problem."

This is from 2019.
Follow Brandon's advice, and I'll add a couple of things. There are many kinds of indicators (bobbers) and buying them can be confusing for a newcomer. Definitely stop in one of the fly shops in Bend or the fly shop in Sisters. Let them know where you're going, and they'll be glad to help. Also you might check the fishing report from The Fly Fishers Place in Sisters, as there's usually some reference to the Crooked.
Small is usually better on the Crooked - Blue wing olives usually hatch on cloudy days (clear also) after noon (2ish)...also when you stop by the Flyfishers Place check out how to Euro nymph - very effective

Good luck (you won't be the same after flyfishing ;) )
Thanks Folks! Appreciate the advice. Been picking up the flies you suggested and also from my local shop. Will definitely stop at a shop in the area for local input.
Hi guys, I am completely New to fly fishing and I want to buy a fly rod that is suitable for my needs. I am looking at the Sage Bass II and the TFO Finesse, both in 7wt. The Bass II is about $150 more, but I am willing to spend the money if it's worth it.
Shaun Solomon
You might be surprised to find that the general public may not in all cases be familiar with the exact way in which you define “your needs” with regard to your target species, methodologies, and performance expectations.

More information (within reason) might better enable members to assist you.

I can start by saying that unless you want to target bass in tournament situations exclusively, you neither want nor need the Sage rod you mentioned. It is a very specific tool, under eight feet in length to comply with tournament regulations.

TFO makes decent products at good prices and have always had good customer service.

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Casting Call
TFO Is A good entry level rod. If by some chance the TFO suffers a mishap that includes lost or stolen you won.t feel so bad. Tony
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Shaun Solomon
In my years of dealing with them at a retail level TFO was always awesome about warranty claims. Reddington was another awesome company to deal with in that way.
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Echo is also a standout for value and superior customer service.

The best piece of advice I can recall to pass along to someone new to fly fishing is this: Fall in love with the fishing. The catching will come in its own time.
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Casting Call
Remember entry level! Keep cost down until you know for sure fly fishing is for you. Money won't catch you fish, but persistence, practice, and learning will get you hooked-up.Tony
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