New spinner makers..esp younger fisherpersons

I used to have a spinner/tackle business a few years back before I moved over to Florence and I have a lot of materials left, if anyone is just getting into making spinners etc (salmon & steelhead ones) shoot me a message, id be happy to send ya some wire,blades, beads etc. I bought a lot of things in bulk so I still have lots left! More than I will ever use. Especially if anyone knows young people getting into the sport, its fun to make your own and catch on your own as well. Thanks :D
pm sent. :p and thanks for the very kind offer, a lot of us younger salmon/steelhead fisherman will find these materials helpful especially people like me who have a low budget to work with. take care,

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That is very nice, I could use some components, been playing around with different things with my son and it can get expensive to experiment.
PM sent.

Thanks, Doug
Thats awsome! I could use some parts!
I have to say, your offer to help out young fishers with tackle caught my eye; that is very generous of you!

As brandon4455 pointed out, I'm sure some of the younger folk are tight on funds with school, rent, just starting out in life, etc. and I'm sure your offer is much appreciated.

Well done!
I got about 7 people now that replied to me, ill hold off on any more for now and wait and see if I have any extra supplies left.
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