My So. Oregon tour

Combat Chuck
Im hanging out down south for the weekend to fish with old friends and family. We met up late morning on the applegate river and picked up several small trout. Then we moved on the reservoir. Smallmouth, largemouth, native and stocked trout were all caught in the afternoon including my biggest smallie so far. Lots of fun, I got one on a senko, 2 on spinnerbaits, 3 bass and around 10 trout on spinners. In the morning Im hitting Howard Prairie for trout then tooning at Hyatt for bass.
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Envy...the good kind

Envy...the good kind

Combat Chuck;
Sounds like a fisherman's dream weekend. Can't beat that kind of time OFF to spend with family and friends AND be fishing at the same time. You are a lucky son-of-a-gun. I'm already changing from pale beige to celery green with envy. :lol: Have fun and be safe.
U done Reel Good Brother Chuck.........................:D:D:D.................................:cool::cool::cool:
I went to Applegate the evening of May 14th, and got two nice smallies. Walked the trail on squaw arm. Local guy said they raised the lake almost 20 feet in a week and messed up a lot of the fishing. All that extra food for them to eat. And of course, that was a few days before I went.

Glad you made it down here for fishing.

Combat Chuck
The next morning we kept 4 trout each after two hours of trolling needlefish, caught 5 or 6 each. After breakfast we moved on to Hyatt for a couple hours were I got 20+ largmouth... the biggest was only 10". Then home for a LONG NAP!
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Those trout came from Applegate???
Dang those are some phat trowt!!
Combat Chuck
The trout came from Howard Prarie
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