More on the not so secret "secret river"..


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Can't be a secret cause there were a LOT of boats today..:shock:

Started off good...Caught a dandy nate on a blue pirate hotshot,then a keeper on a yarnie..Then my buddy had a monster on for a while...Made 2 spectacular leaps and we got a GOOD look at it...

There is no doubt in my mind it was bigger than the 21 pounder we caught earlier...Some may remember it...This fish was just as long but thicker...After the jumps it went across into fast deep water and just sulked there..My buddy had pressure on it,not to much when the leader parted...Must rubbed off on the teeth is all we could think...It was a sad day on the river after that...LOL:lol::lol:


Had one more pull down on plugs then I caught a nice clipped buck...

I really think the sunshine we had today (while nice) put the fish off the bite in the middle of the day...Morning and evening were good..



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Fresh looking steel, the big one lost is a heartbreaker but it'll keep you at it.



The big one's are around that's for sure. I'm looking forward to seeing another one in the 20lb.+ range no matter who gets it. Nice clippers!
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