Molalla River


I went to the Molalla River today in the morning just above the city of Molalla, and there were lots of fish jumping. One I saw was clearly larger and golden in color. Could this be a brown? If so what other species may be in this River?
I went out with the fly rod reel line combo @Averax sold me, awesome set up.

I see lots of guys using dry flies on smaller moving water, but is this as effective as sub-surface presentations? I had plenty of caddies larvae, midges,stoneflies, and prince nymphs but no dries. Got only a few fish in the end..



Still wasn't a brown. The Molalla only has 'bows and cutties (and small steelhead runs). Maybe it was a smallie?


There are lots of smallmouth in that river. Hopefully NOT munchin' on steelhead fry. I love catchin' smallies on topwater plugs.
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