Mill Creek at State St and 23rd(Salem) ?

I have never fished Mill Creek before.. and would like to find some spots. I drove though this area.. and noticed Mill creek seemed pretty high. I went across the bridge on 23rd St right at State St, and was wondering if I could fish off that bridge and catch anything ? The water was very slow moving.. and I think theres some kind of Dam between 21st and 19th st, I dont know if theres a fish ladder. Well, anyone know anything about this area and if it holds any fish ? I'd like to cast a line out maybe during my lunch break or before/after work.

I copied a pic off google earth.. here it is:

I don't have the answer,but I do have the same question. I have seen several places I'd like to try. Hope someone has an answer.
Salmon used to come up mill creek and spawn. They dont anymore, but I remember My grandma had a house right on the creek. You could see fish rollin from her backyard. I wouldnt be surprised to see smaller fish ie trout amd perhaps bass in the lower strecthes. Only becuz I've never seen a fish ladder when I drive by the dam.
All that slow water is not really all that great, that area is only about 2 1/2 miles from where I live, and I have fished the creek ever since I was about 12. The Penitentary is my favorite spot for big suckers and squaws (2-4lbers) using a big white breadball, preferably no weight. The trout mainly hang out behind big rocks in the rougher water, whirlpools, and currents pouring into calm water.

You will mainly find smaller Squawfish and Redside Shiners in the slow water around that stretch, that spot by Muchos Gracias does look very promising, but I don't think it's ok (only spot I've never attempted). I have pulled out plenty of decent trout up to 16 inches throughout the whole penitentary stretch, even some Cutthroats, just drifting worms and split shot. I also mastered the basics of fly fishing in this stretch, I have gotten a few up to 15-16 inches on the fly, lots of shiners.

I did land a 29 3/4 inch trout up by Walter Wirth from a swimming hole on the Creek years back, but I think it was a gross planter trout from the pond. Some Rainbows, Cutthroats, and Squaws right under the Bridge by Wirth.

Riverfront Park is another place to consider, I do a lot of Carp fishing there, and the Smallmouth are starting to show their faces lately where Pringle Creek dumps in.
Thanks for the info,guys. Are there any places that fishing is not allowed? I was walking downtown a few months back,for exercise,and found a nice looking stretch under a bridge I'd like to try but certainly don't need any tickets. Thanks again.

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