Maupin middle next week

Finally! I get to go fish the storied Dechutes. Ill be able to fish the Maupin area next Wednesday and Thursday. We will be driving up from The Dalles. I am thinking we will stay the night Wednesday. So I'll have Wednesday night and Thursday morning to fish! I don't know a whole lot about this area and know we have some Big D experts on here. So any info is appreciated.

Thank you
I want to go there so bad! hope you have a good catch
If you are headed to the Maupin area you'll find lots of river to fish either up river or downriver. Down river from the bridge there is good road access to the river. Up river there is about seven miles of road access then you come to the "Locked Gate" from there it a walking show. You might want to contact the Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop for the lastest information.

If you like good cheeseburgers stop in at the Oaisis for a beer and burger. It's a small place just upriver on the east bank.;)
Yea up river from maupin around harpin flats and long bend.. down river by oak springs and sandy beach.. are sold bets!
Lucky you!!! Anywhere on the D is awesome in my book....and I second irishrover's comment about the burgers at the Oasis....Good luck!!!
Thanks everyone! I was looking for a general area and Eggs gave me just that. I'm not quite sure on flies yet, but I will call the deshutes canyon fly shop and Monday and I'm sure he will solve that. Thanks again.
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rainbowfisherman said:
Thanks everyone! I was looking for a general area and Eggs gave me just that. I'm not quite sure on flies yet, but I will call the deshutes canyon fly shop and Monday and I'm sure he will solve that. Thanks again.

"BWO's, small Caddis, Winter Stone's, and Midge. The March Brown's, size 14 ~ 12, are hatching along with the Spring Stone's (the Skwala Stone Fly) size 8 as an Adult and Nymph." This is from the link I posted. I would always include a good selection of nymphs. A classic Deschutes is the Kaufmans stonefly nymph. I like to use a size 14 green softhackle in the riffles.
have a good trip,i 3rd the burgers very good after a long day of fly fishing. right now several caddis should be showing up,i would stick to nymphs mostly unless you see a hatch or rising fish!!!!!!hydrosyche caddis larva should be a good pattern this time of year as well as diving caddis. just keep an eye on river level its running 7000 right now and thats pretty high,just be careful wading in the river and let us know how you do.
Thanks for all the help, and it looks like we will definitly be hitting the bruger joint:)
I think I can almost smell the Salmon flies in the air! I will soon be a fixture in Maupin for awhile. Oh, and I will be sucking down a few burgers down at the Oasis!!
Im back, I only got to fish Tuesday and didn't get to stay in maupin. I had to stay in the Dalles with some other Family. The valley was beautiful. There was a slight BWO hatch around 3 but I didn't see any rising fish. We started at Macks Canyon and worked my way down. I caught one nice red band in a little back whole towards the bottom of macks canyon. It was about 12-13 inches. Just a gorgeous fish. I didn't get a shot of the fish because my biggest concern was getting him back in the water. My buddy caught a white fish in the same area. We moved up and fished a couple of spots below sherars falls. Without much sign of fishy life. After another hour or so we headed all the way up to Maupin and gave Harphem Flats a try, nothing there. The river was about 6,400 CFS which according to the fly shop owner that was about 1,200 CFS over the usual. The river looked high and fast almost everywhere we went. We saw another guy land a nice trout just south of north of maupin. Sorry for no pictures. Next time I go I will definitely have the camera handy, I'm already trying to figure out when I can go this summer, or during the salmon fly hatch:) Thanks for all the info, it was a great help. It got me my first trout on my 3 wt, and a native red band at that.

-Thanks again
Great report! Nice to hear a recent account of what the river is like. I'm stuck in Tacoma for another day then we drive home to Hillsboro for a nice rest. Grandkids sure can wear you out. We spent the day at the Seattle Aquarium and it was a lot of fun. 61 degrees and sunshine, a rare day indeed for Seattle in March.

good job on the trout you got !i was out yesterday just trying to nymph and see wat i can get but no luck for me !! i can pretty much fish the deschutes river year around on the warm springs reservation side ! i dnt have to travel to maupin just to fish the deschutes river but someday i would like to go fish around the maupin area ... anyways thanks for the report down that way :)
excellent report,thres nothing like your first redside.
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