Map of Sauvie Island

From another thread a place to launch called Big Eddy on Sauvie Island was mentioned by our member... bass.

I'd never been there so began a short search. Found a very nice site on My Google Maps about Sauvie Island. The link is:

While there you may want to click on the lower right "Related Maps" to see other Sauvie and close by maps.

Big Eddy is the spot highlighted with the white circle. Where we had launched is visible on the map and the circle parking area is well defined (on the link). Above big Eddy a little way.
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Thanks for posting that map! That is a nice resource and I plan on bookmarking it.
Great resource. Can you Mark footbridge? I have a roam hunt coming up.
Fishtales, the map is one I found using Google search; not my creation or I'd be happy to mark it.

When I get some free time I'll try to find out how the "My Maps" on Google works. If/when I figure it out I'll make a few maps of past adventures.
fishtales... I'm working on a few fishing maps on "Google My Maps" and tried to find a reference to "footbridge" so as to mark it. There doesn't seem to be anything using any of the search engines (Google, Ask, Yahoo, etc.).
Need some help... anyone know what footbridge is on Sauvie Island?
if I remember correctly it is on the east side of the island.
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