Sauvie Island carp

This past Sunday I took a trip out to Sauvie Island to hunt for some carp. The water is drastically lower this year than last. In fact they have Big Eddy road open which was gated due to flooding last year. I remember exploring that road last year and the water was up to my waist! So naturally I had to drive down the road and see what I could find. Sadly there were about 20 cars already parked at the end of the road with people fishing. Never the less I got out and explored the waters edge for spawning and sunning carp. It didn't take long, they were every where. The only down side is that the water was so muddy there was literally only a few inches of visibility. Targeting carp even with my bow was useless in these conditions. As frustrating as it was I packed up and headed in search of clearer waters. I checked out a spot I had success at last year and the place was loaded. Lots of sunning and feeding carp with GOOD visibility. Unfortunately it was towards the end of the day and I didn't have my kayak with me. I was stuck shooting the suckers from the bank haha. I only bagged one but it's a good start.

The draw

Got him!

5lbs on John Montana's scale and 16lbs on igquick's lol

Head shot!
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john montana

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Let's dead carp. I figure you took about 15 shots then? close?

hah...good pics Mike. I love the one where you can see the tailer behind you.
Yah it only took me 2 shots this time John haha. I shouldn't have missed the first time. I just got a little too excited when I saw so many targets. But yes, there were many tailers as well. Even a girly fly fisherman would have been able to land a couple carp there :lol:. I'm bringing my kayak next time though. Had I brought my yak I would have landed a lot more. Last year the water in that area was 4-6ft deep on average. Now I'm sure it's only 3-4ft at best :)
Thanks Mike for continuing to clean up our waterways. Seems like carp or an opponent look the same after you're done. Nice shot.
You are correct. Those are the new Orvis Silver Sonic waders. They work way better than those over priced Simms waders John Montana uses :lol: Although he did get a pair of Silver Sonics for free, the bum.

What waders are those you are using? They look like an Orivs kind??????? :think:


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nice carp mike! damn I wish I followed you, but I have my own ways in finding 5 lb carp ;)

so did you see anybody else catch anything besides you?

and I got a new scale by the way, and that common I got was really 18 lbs...BUT I found out my old scale was approx 20% off, so all the commons I caught at salish were 20% smaller including the grass the 26 lb common was really about 21 lbs:
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