Lower Clackamas

Anyone (correct that statement to anyone bank bound) having any luck on the lower Clack? I hit it hard yesterday starting at first light and only saw 2 jacks pulled out around HighRocks.
I didn't even see anything rolling...
You should fish higher. There are better places th fish than Riverside and High Rocks. Go higher.
Anyfishisfine and I were at Barton for half the day last Saturday. Not even a bite. We saw one steelhead heading back down, that was it.
Not I. Though my fishin' pal has been fishin' without me(jerk:lol:), and he's been killin' assorted fish everytime out. Below the Golf Course. And above Cross.
dude young
Hit Riverside for a couple of hours last night. I got nuthin'. Poor. My bro-in-law caught a wee smolt. Saw a few somethings rolling around in that little pool as far up as you can walk before the cliffs. Couldn't tell what they were. Could entice 'em either.

Could have collected a fools ransom in empty bottles and cans on the way out, though. "Bunch of savages in this town"
rolling fish

rolling fish

just because they are not rolling does not mean they are not there - last Sat. at the dam - 8a.m. - 4 landed before 6 a.m. - I guess I have to get my butt up there sooner - there is plenty of time to sleep when you are dead -
Went up to McIver today but git a late start. Decided with all the boats parked below the Hatchery I would walk and fish my way up to the boat launch. Beautiful day to be out 1 small (10 inch) steel/bow it was clipped and chrome and I let her go. Took a #12 peach cork with a tiny chunk of egg.
Other than that though just a great day to be out.
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