Lost fly rod - Mecca Flat 5/28

Anyone happen to pick up a fly rod on the island in front of Mecca campground the weekend of 5/28?

G Loomis 6wt with a Cabela's palm drag reel.

Serious fishing karma headed your way if this is you, and you can contact me. Can either arrange a pick-up, or will of course compensate for shipping costs if we go that route.

Long shot - but worth a shot.

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Dang bud wish I could help.

I left a stradic Ci4+ 4000 on a 9.5' Croix laying in the grass next to a small boat ramp in Florida

I set it off to the side so the girls I was with wouldn't break it while we loaded....and I left it.

I noticed 24 hours later, went and posted "missing" signs and got a call within a week.

Guy didn't even want my 100$ reward. Even offered to full up his boat. He ran the same reels, so his young son picked it up thinking it was theirs. He got home and realized he had an extra setup for some reason

Good luck on your search! I would go back and post some signs
Try Contacting Oregon Fishing Club, they have access to Mecca flats (assuming it’s the fly fishing club on the Deschutes you are talking about). Maybe a member found it.
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