Looking for someone to teach and hangout with? :)

My boyfriend and I have been going down to Alton Baker in the afternoons for the past few days and haven't had much luck.

If anyone is looking for a couple of fisherprentices haha, we would love to come :D
I will be making at least a few trips a week to Leaburg starting next weekend. If you are interested in something a little larger than a planter trout, shoot me a PM.....always looking for a shuttle vehicle, I hate to ride a bike...lol
Just to clarify, I will drive my boat and truck up, you all drive up as well and we leave one of the vehicles at the take-out point so that I don't have to ride a bike...I'm lazy....
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Welcome to the forum AllieRae!

I might head down to ABC this Saturday, especially since ABC is scheduled to be stocked today w/ 1650 - 1900 new trout! (ODFW Weekly Recreation Report says 1650, but 2011 Stocking Schedule says 1900). At any rate, a LOT of fish to be had by all.

I will send a PM to you, if I can go. I'd be happy to show you what works for me, and see if I can help you get into some fish.
troutdude---- Do you know where they stock the canal?
rippin fish lips
jefe999 said:
troutdude---- Do you know where they stock the canal?

they stock in multiple spots. under the I-5 bridge by the waterfall. above that below this one cement drainage tube. They stock it where the canal starts at the boat ramp off d street. they stock it by the pond, the goose pond, by the shoot behind kowloons.
Yep. What he said. Welcome to you too 999!
I'm actually out of town this weekend but my boyfriend (jefe999, haha) might want to go with you!

I will definitely go next week/weekend though if you'll be around.
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OK. Thank you. Hope you have fun out of town. I'll PM your BF, if I'm going to go.
Hey gang, I wasn't able to go yesterday. We had a family emergency w/ my dad in the ER. He's okay now, thankfully.

Next Saturday the 23rd, I'm looking at hitting Big Creek Reservoir #2 in Newport. It's about 75 minutes west of Corvallis, so add about 45-60 minutes from Eugene. But, if you'd like to meet me there...just let me know. WORD: what worked best there last year were Chartreuse Power Eggs and a Brass colored Little Cleo spoon/wobbler.

The next time that I'll likely go to AB Canal will be Saturday, May 7th. It will be stocked again that week. So, if you'd like to shoot for that just let me know.
I have sundays and mondays off from Cabela's. I'm thinking about fishing the AB Canal next weekend. If you are interested, send me a PM, and then hopefully the three of us can get together. I'm headed there right now with my fiance.
Throw a 1/16 rooster tail in the color "salmon fly". I caught most of my fish by that crazy fish ladder looking deal by the dog park believe it or not.(right above and 100yds downstream) My girl plays with the dogs and I get to fish...WIN WIN!!
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