Literally the most effective homemade carp bait

The best carp killer I have ever used was a can of corn (drained) in a zip-loc bag with a box of strawberry Jell-O. Throw a big handful out in a wide area for chum, then put 2-3 pieces on a #8 Gamakatsu hook with a sliding sinker and drop it in the middle of the chum zone. Cheap hooks that small are easily straightened out, so a pricey brand is a must. Hook size has proven to be more important than the bait used, IME. The small hooks make it past the sensitive lips much more easily. Carp will feel the larger hooks and drop the bait before you ever knew they were there.
yeah....but that works only for ponds or lakes. This, my friend, is the Columbia river, and it has current.
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