Is it legal to chum for Oregon carp?

I think chumming for any game fish in Oregon is illegal, but carp isn’t a game fish right? So it would be legal to chum corn or I’m I mistaken?
from the 2021 regulations PDF, chumming is unlawful for ANY fish unless you are >3miles offshore:

Dang that’s a bummer guess I’ll just have to “accidentally” fall next to the water with an open can of corn 😂. Lol I’m just kidding, thank you for answering my question 👍.
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Sauvie Island, Multnomah Channel, Vancouver Lake, Lake River: yes, the disgusting widening/confluence of multiple rivers, with a bunch of Islands and swampy ponds that are infested with carp-chumming is legal. But only on the Washington side, and only in the general area described above. I can say for sure Vancouver Lake, Lake River, Canvasback Lake, Quigley Lake, Campbell Lake, Post Office Lake, Green Lake, Round Lake, Curtis Lake, and like 5 other unnamed lakes all have allowed chumming. But Oregon has absolutely no chumming.
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