Life Is Good........

So, today started great with a fundraiser at my son's, I headed out to Lewisburg to meet troutdude who was going to navigate me out to Fisherman's Shack to help me get set up to make spinners....what an awesome place! And Don (hope I got his name right) was great. We visited, petted his dog :D learned a lot more information (he is amazing) and he set me up to make 5 spinners to start off....He even let me video him on my cell twisting the wire (for future reference), and the price was excellent. Thanks TD for going with me and for letting me flip your ultralight around...So, then I get a call from bigsteel who tells me there is some great deals on fly rod combos at the expo....guess what I first fly rod...and 51 flys for the price of 12....:yay: Tomorrow I head out to go camping and I am going to go fling my rod around cuz I don't know squat about fly fishing...I only know it is an art and I love watching fly fisherpersons.....tomorrow night I will be sitting in front of a warm fire roasting a marshmellow...ahhhhhhhh life is good

I made my first spinners tonight. Sorry, again, for the cell pictures but I am tired and don't want to mess with the camera that is smarter than seemed too easy to make them so I am seriously thinking I did something wrong....I didn't fill my tub...figured I will test them on the real thing...tight lines and great fishin to you all.
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Nice I really need to get into making my own.
They look good to me! :)
Good job Lil!

And to just cannot go wrong, doing biz w/ Don Greene @ Fisherman's Shack in Airlie (between Corvallis and Monmouth on Hwy. 99W). He is TOTALLY honest and will NOT oversell you. He has LOTS of spinner making components for trout, steelies, salmon AND components for JIGS too! And some nice custom rods as well.

I have known Don for several years. He is one of the most pleasant and knowledgeable peeps around!

Here is a link to Don's web site: Top Sellers.

Tight lines and Good luck Lil!

P.S. Remember with that fly rod: 10:00 - 2:00!
way to go lilsalmon those look good,,,,,now to decorate a tree with them:lol::lol::lol:
well get you flyfishing,,,dont worry about that
Those spinners are Beautiful, Sis.

Great Job



Have a Wonderful Time campin'&fishin'...

Those spinners look like fish killers. Hardest part about making spinners is deciding what you want them to look like. Great job
Thanks everybody.....I took them out to the rest area and tried them out....had one bite but was a wee trout I am sure....they spin...:D thats always a good sign. Now I have to make a trip back to the Shack to get more components so I can try different kinds...Don also made me a custom pseudo-Vibric to try out...not to be confused with a Blue Fox Vibrax...the body of a Vibric is different than the ones I made and there is no clevis...guess you all know that.....anywho...camping was rescheduled for tomorrow so will try out the others then....
Nice work!! My favorite one is the green one in the upper right corner of the first picture. Oh wait, thats not a spinner, but its still my favorite. That book is responsible for my last two steelhead, believe what you read, and fish with confidence, and get your self a thermometer!!
Everytime I fish the Alsea I stop by Fishermans Shack! What a great shop! How much were the fly combos at the expo? How much longer is the expo?

The expo ended yesterday. Sorry.
rainbowfisherman said:
Everytime I fish the Alsea I stop by Fishermans Shack! What a great shop! How much were the fly combos at the expo? How much longer is the expo?


Isn't Don Greene a terrific shop owner?!!! (I introduced Lil Salmon to Don yesterday).
Good job Lil, they spin and they hooked a fish! POIFECT!!!:):dance::clap:
Congradulations on hooking a fish with a hand made lure! I've recently started tying flies and can't wait till I look up on one of my hand made flies!

Troutdude:He has always been very friendly to me, and has resonable pricing!
I love the Shack....Don is very nice and is very willing to talk and give advice and hints and tips...I am ready to go back...I am in so much trouble when I get my distribution......:naughty:

If it hadn't been for bigsteel I would have missed the I went out in my back yard and played around with my new rod....Sweeeet (for a beginner)...problem is no body stocked my yard with trout :confused: Whats up with that. Hope my Okuma (sp) doesn't feel left out...have a feeling I will be neglecting it for awhile...

They actually had combos for $40 but of course I missed those. I got mine for $90: Cortland reel with line and a "Double J" dont know who makes it. If I got ripped body need tell me that...:lol: ;) cuz I am feeling mighty happy.... :yay: spinners spin...and.....camping at Prineville....yesssss

Great fishin to you all!!!!!
What? No trout stocked in your backyard? I'm gonna file a complaint with my Congressman! :shock:

While you are in the Prineville area, you might want to try the Crooked River. I once nearly landed a 20+ inch 'bow there (about 34 years ago). Got it all of the way up to my feet and it got loose! :doh: I believe that the river is open year around for FLY fishing (maybe spinners, but you'll need to check the reg's on that). I know that you CANNOT use bait until late May.

CAUTION: BE WARY OF RATTLE SNAKES! They like water and shady spots and crevices. :pray:

Good luck!
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