Lemolo 5/18/18


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Made a late morning run to Lemolo just to get it out of my system. Love this res. and the setting but should have gone to Diamond just couldn't make the wife and labs endure the bugs. Was really on the hunt for koks but that was not meant to be. Caught over 20 standard size planters and kept throwing them back until 3:00 when the wife said you better keep something for dinner. Left with 6 plus 1 chub. Thought it was either a whitefish or pikeminnow neither of which I've caught.. Feed the chub to the crawdads in my creek.
Lemolo is just below full pool and 58 degrees. Few bugs and would be a great place to camp ,some sites on the water plus primitive camping up near the east end where the river comes in and you could keep your boat or kayak's on shore.
Fishing is great for planters and they hit standard trout stuff plus my kok gear.
Also talked to a great couple who were camping there and they limited everyday within 2hrs on powerbait.



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Looks like a great outing to me.

Really sucks to learn of chubs in there again. The resort owners worked LONG and HARD, to remove those years ago. Because they were gorging on the trout. Glad you didn't release it!