Galesville 5/3/18


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Tried Galesvlle for the first time, started late a 9:30 depart and arrived around 10:40 due to wife sleeping in on her day off . First view of the lake was shocked to see how low it is. At least 75-100ft below full pool
Walk down to the docks to make sure I wasn't launching in mud but no problem lots of concrete still to go . Parking lot had about 10 rigs in it with great parking and lots of room to maueuver. Paid $4 fee and launched while the wife got the labs wet.
Headed straight out from the ramp over to the west side and started trolling south just outside of the tree line towards the buoys by all the dead trees.
Marked fish from 12 to 20 ft and toplined 2 rigs with plugs and set one downrigger at 12ft with a kok brads in orange for any coho's
First topline went off about 20mins from the start with something bright silver and at least 20"+ jumping 3 or 4 times over 100ft back when the line breaks from a bad knot on my part.
Next topline goes off and land that one, then the downrigger goes off about 10mins later with a trout on it. Why are these planters hitting brads kok plugs?
The brads caught 4 fish inc 1 coho and toplining caught 2 .
Marked huge balls of fish like anchovies in the ocean all along the shore in 60ft of water probably crappie .Water temp 64, no debris
A great lake with friendly people, low traffic and park rangers checking the vehicles all day . Even left my window open and no one ransacked the rig.


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Nice report. Thanks. I'm going to have to break out some plugs some time. It looks like a nice lake but a bit too far for a day trip for me.