Kayak modifications in Portland area?

Anyone have any suggestion for places that do kayak modifications? I am wanting to add a trolling motor, and some other small modifications but don't have the tools or know how to do it myself so would rather have a pro do it instead of risk ruining the kayak doing something stupid.

Anyone got any suggestions? Will any boat place do it? Or do i need to find special one for kayaks?
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@NKlamerus , are you open for gigs?
If only he was closer!

I would definitely recommend next adventure, that's where I picked up my unlimited (scapoose bay location)

I repeatedly bugged them about stock, hull quality, accessories, and they never hesitated.

I could probably walk you through quite a bit of it, but depending on the kayak and motor you might need some small custom rigging parts, a shop could definitely do it but a little more $$ in labor.
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Thanks @rogerdodger for recomendation! I spoke to next adventure and they said they do them, so I should be set.
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