New to jig world picked up a few black. Pink and white. Pink and salmon and white. Just looking for few ideas what color combination do you experience guys throw.. thanks


Before light....... go with the glo chartreuse (yellow version) head and rainbow feathers... I rarely fish that hour before daylight anymore... but that jig has worked for me many times in that window.
Blue and white, I call it The Cougar. It does really well until about half way through the fight, then it pretty much gives up and lets the fish win. HAHA

Go Cougars!


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Sandy - 1/4 oz Maxi Jig, pink head, pink and white body, two red beads on the hook shaft (have to have the beads). That's been my go-to jig for many years on the Sandy and usually will get me a fish or two on most of my trips.

Clack - Our go to the last couple years has been a 1/8 oz nightmare (various manufacturers), black head, black body, red accent collar.

All white nightmare has also done well on either river.....