JC Pond 4th Of July weekend

I know they are done stocking until late in the year, but My Grand Daughter asked me to take her there when she is down over the 4th ( she likes to fish there). Anything happening out there? Thanks for any input, Tight Lines, Qwa
well my buddy hit out there yesterday with his son and they got one. a 9 inch trout for his son's first fish. I dont think he spent much more than an hour or two out there
grampa ron
Maybe you should go to Alton Baker or Leaburg.
I went there last week and I had horrible luck with algae. If you do go there, make sure to bring some bobbers because fishing from the bottom can be very time consuming.

Best of luck!
Alton Baker Wasn't available to use today. The Arts in the Vineyards is going on. The parking lot we wanted to park in was filled with the venders trucks, motor homes, and who knows what (not open to the public). Also they were charging to park, so we went ot JC Pond. Nothing for an hour and them they started biting, We cight 2 nice trout a samller one and 2 Blue Gills in an hour. 2 of the trout were well over 12 ". Little girl that fishes wanted to leave about the tilme thing were heating up good. All fish we lip hooked and released unharmed, so they are still there. May go back in the morning and see if we can each C&R a limit. I think we would have today if we stayed another hour. Tight Lines, Qwa
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