Is there carp in Denman?

Is there carp in Denman??
Throbbit _Shane
fisherkaran said:
Is there carp in Denman??

I want to know this to. There used to be some fat ones in it, i remember seeing dead ones on the shore :( Iv never targeted carp but im gonna start and the denman ponds look like prime area. I went to one thursday just to look and found a otter swimming around and slapping his tail.
There used to be carp in thoes ponds. I had a friend that targeted them all the time at the pond right next to the odfw buildings. I think he had some kind of dough bait that he used.

Throbbit _Shane
I remember when i was younger and almost every time i went to that pond there was a carp on the shore.
The ponds I see them all the time at is Expo. Usually in the spring when they are trying to get warm. You might have to sneek up on them since they are pretty wary and take off quickly.
the salmon kid
yes there are a crap load of carp in the denman ponds i usually use corn very early in the morning or you can bow fish for them
you bow fish from a boat or the shore?
I guess there is. But still I can recommend Japanese Koi instead of carp!
Hi Guys.Yes there are lots of carp in the Denmen ponds. AND the Expo ponds. I doubt there are ponds anywhere with out carp.
The ponds next to the ODF on both sides are loaded with carp. I think it's because they are both very shallow.Carp are a lot of fun to catch. I usually use doughballs and I use Wheaties to make them.
If you try this just make sure and keep using fresh doughballs because they will get too hard after a while.
At the Expo the best carp pond is the one behind the amphitheater.
I think the reason some of you see dead carp is because a lot of people won't throw back a trash fish that destroys spawning grounds for more beneficial fish.

BTW carp are very strong and although they don't jump like a bass and aren't much for eating IMO they are a lot more powerful and easier to catch.
Try warm summer evenings or mornings. Use a slack line and keep your bail open because some will hit like a freight train.:)
Recommend them for what?
Richard W T
I grew up in the south bass fishing and I really miss it. A friends told me that if I liked bass I'd love carp. Anyone here ever fly fish for them?
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