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Hey everyone,

I am new to OFF. I live in talent oregon, and primarily fish the rogue around shady cove. Steelhead and salmon are by far my favorite species to fish for. I am a fly fisherman, but I dont limit myself. I spend just as much time, if not more with gear and bait; just depends on what im in the mood for. Well I hope to be posting success pics and learning a lot on this forum! Thanks

Cool! Can't wait to see those pictures especially the fly caught ones.
Welcome to our great site! Like OTF,we love fish porn...and sharing is what we're all about.
Welcome to OFF...

Welcome to OFF...

Nice to have you on board, very nice site we have here. We do love our pictures, oh yea !!!

Welcome to the forum!!!
Welcome to the Familia, BRo.

catch you some biggun Lunkers.

Sorry for the late response, your post just few under my radar. There are a few of us '2-hander' guys in the immediate area who are happy as heck to teach the use of a double hander rod(s). There is no cost for the 'service.' Ever decide to go down that road to "The Dark Side" PM me.

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