Inshore halibut spots?


Anyone care to share some spots for inshore halibut as I never got a chance to go out to the deep water at the chicken ranch out of Newport this year. I fish mostly from Winchester to Newport.


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Near shore halibut fishig off Newport was slow last season. However 2018 was a good year, perhaps this will be a good year too.

The best luck we have had is off the light house of Yaquina Head. That's the big light house just north of the Yaquina Bay Bar. We fish starting in the 180 foot depth area, and drift. If we do not get any action we move deeper each drift untill we come to the 40 fathom line 240 feet.

We use black lable herring on the bottom hook and squid on the top hook, with anywhere from two to three pounds of weight.

You should see some other boats in the area. Good luck.

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