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I've been exploring the creeks and rivers around my town recently and one consistent thing that I am noticing is not being able to move very far up or downstream due to a deep pool or something, especially if flows are a little higher. I was recently thinking about buying an inflatable kayak that I could bike around and inflate wherever I want. While looking around on places like airkayaks and stuff I have found some kayaks that look nice, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with inflatable kayaks that could suggest a good kayak. I'm looking for a tandem kayak that can still be maneuvered well with just one person. Any suggestions on where to look and what to look for would be great also.

Or if anyone knows of something that might be better, and or easier I'm open to suggestions

That sounds like a good idea. My wife bought a Sea Eagle tandem several years ago but we have not used it too many times. We have some regular plastic fishing kayaks we mainly use in flat water situations. We have used the inflatable to do like you said, going upstream in otherwise impassable portions of small rivers. We had to get out and drag it up riffles but that was ok. We got into some neat spots that way. My problem was that it was really uncomfortable especially when I was in the back and it was hard to get out of. One other problem we found was that if you are out on a lake or bay and the wind comes up, it is much harder to paddle than our other kayaks. Still, for what you said you wanted to do, an inflatable sounds practical.
I have used my wife's Tarpon 100 on very small water and you do get to portage through lots of riffles, but get to spots that have never been fished before. I have to say, an inflatable plus an inflator would be more weight than I would want to backpack around.
Aquaglide Chelan HB tandem XL.
I know someone that uses one solo to fish the Siletz. These have a rigid floor with the same outstanding 'drop stitch' technology as 2 of my boats (Hobie i11s and NRS GigBob).
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thanks for your responses, I'm going to look into them!
I enjoyed my Aire Tributary Tomcat Tandem on class II-III streams of Idaho. Boat is well constructed, holds a lot of weight and probably weighs around 40lbs but may be overkill for your application.
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