I guess girls can catch fish...


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Great fish. Congrats to your daughter. Can't wait 'til mine is big enough to heft a steelhead rod. We're still a few years out on that one.


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You "guess" that girls can catch fish? Boy are you gonna get an earful about that! lol

Your daughters' smile says it all. Nicely done!


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:think: Yep, it happens...:lol: Great smile, great fish. Silly men, thinking women can't fish....:lol: :lol: :lol:


Very nice fish! Congrats on getting your daughter out catching fish! I suspect this isn't her first :) Nice size hen pushing 13lbs easy.


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Its her second and its the fish that made my season...Been trying to get her a good one so she could experiance the thrill and power of a good fish...Her first last January got wrapped in the line and quickly gave up...Then when she could go the rivers were blown or I couldn't go...

This trip was probably the last for her until the summers get here ...The fish did not dissapoint with powerful runs,spectacular leaps and no quit...Better fight than the 20# that her boyfriend caught on a earlier trip...Great fish and like I said,it made my year...

She is hooked on steelhead now,(like her dad) and is already talking about summer fish..:dance:
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Very nice! I got my woman on her 1st, 2nd, & 3rd fish yesterday and she wound up out fishing everybody. Congratulations fisherwoman out there getting it done.
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