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MonMouth James
So my fiance (wife as of this upcoming sunday) bought me an 8' medium action ugly stick with a Field & Stream Ravenna 30 reel. I'm super excited about it. I can't find any info about the reel though. It seems that it is a Dick's exlusive brand but its not on their site (they have the F&S Rainier seiries online). She has the recipet and said i can exchange the reel if i want, so i was wondering if anyone had heard good or bad about these reels.
Troutier Bassier
MonMouth James
It is a spinning reel. I really want to get a baitcasting, but I have never used one, and have never gone salmon fishing, so I think it is better to learn one at a time.
That commercial is hilarious. I have never seen that before!
I was actually gonna recommend an Ugly Stick for you. For the price it's a good rod. definitely not the best but I'm sure it will treat you well. Oh and congrats on getting married!
MonMouth James
Ya, if I like salmon fishing, I will probably get a graphite rod eventually as well as a bait casting reel and use this one for my crab net and other ocean going adventures.
I wonder how many rods they broke filming that commercial....
Troutier Bassier
Actually, I have Broken an Ugly Stick, They are Very Flexible, But when put under a lot Of stress the Snap.

But Spinning is good for now


Trust me, I had to learn this the Hard Way.
When I got my first bait cast I got all excited so I went fishing for bluegill, ANd on my First Cast I got Backlashed.
Couldent fish the Rest of the day.

Buy a good Baitcaster, Perferabbly a Shimano,
If your willing to spend a lot of money, Abu-Garcia 5601C Left Handed reel.
Thats my FAVORITE Baitcasting Reel.
IMHO I hate ugly sticks yea they are flexible and don't break but they are too flexible cast out with heavier weights like 1 or 2 oz is hard because of a whip like action and it won't cast far also because of thier flexibilty it does not set the hook hard enough most of the time I recommend you straight up buy a graphite rod there are some on sale at fishermans for a good price and buy a rod for the right reel because it's casting rod has the backbone on the other side then a spinning rod
too many people with lot of different opinions.....go with your choice man..none of the rods out there are that bad....they all work provided you know what your doing....like i said in my earlier post..i've used walmart brand setup ( i see fishing rod and i want to buy it..atleast one..doesn't mater walmart or sportsman or blah blah blah ) and got a 15 pound bright fish out without the snap of rod or gear failures of the reel.....

i'm sure with the quantity of money input in your setup..it makes a difference but if you know how to play right....i guess its the hands not the setup....firm believer in that.

i know a 91 year old World war II veteran and fortunately he let me in his friends list ( which is kinda hard to gain trust of these old timers ) and he fishes with a very very ancient rod and reel ( shakes my belief if that rod can handle that much stress )...but the finesse he shows is marvellous and he manages to catch fish most of the time when he's out...
Your setup:

I worked at Dick's in Michigan and know a little about that F & S real. If it is like the Ranier you will notice it bears a very close (almost to close) resemblance to a Pfluegger spinning real. I banged around with it for a day or two and it held up to my tests. Decent drag, solid instant anti-reverse and an overall smooth real. I don't think the Ranier series needed 7 ball berrings but it's nice. If yours is anything like the Ranier series, your fiance bought a good real at a great price. As for the rod you'll like the fact that it gives, especially with kings in the rivers. If yo rods to stiff and a king feels it, YOU CAN NOT STOP THEM. I don't care what IM Infinite rod you have in graphite, YOU CAN NOT STOP THEM. Let them feel the whip of a fiberglass and you can tire him out in the hole for hours and than slowly drag them to shore. All in all solid setup for this years salmon run. Enjoy that whip on a Coho as he screams down river, you'll be glad you weren't having your arms beaten with a graphite stick.

Just my two cents or three depending on how you take it.
I learned to steelhead fish with an ugly stick. They work ok for spinners.
Then I decided to spend an extra $20 more than the Ugly stick and bought my first Buzz Ramsey rod. Then I caught a lot more fish.
Ugly sticks are good for sturgeon.
Ugly sticks just aren't very sensitive but they are good begginer rod.
They are tough but I've broke two just casting them too hard.
My buddy's used to yard in spring chinook with the 6' light action models!!

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