Huge trout in store for some ponds

I was just reading this article and thought i would post it here.. I do believe these locations fall within the willamette zone but not 100% sure as i dont know the location of all these places.
Too bad none of them are going into any water near me except the Canby Pond and that's kids only :(
Left Bank
Man, With my medium/lighweight gear these would be more like catching one of those groupers!!! It's be a fun ride though....
well i am semi familiar with the triploids from my time up in washington on lake roosevelt (columbia river above grand coulee dam) they get some massive triploids there plus they raise the fish in pens ON the lake and they like to hunker down below them to catch the uneatten food. while i was up there they got 2 24-26lb that broke the state record on the same weekend same spot
Just to let everyone know Farraday Lake above Estecada Has Huge Rainbow in it right now. My Brother-n-law pulled out a 5 lb and 7 lb on Tuesday. I was there Yesterday. I seen some of them Yesterday that were up to 12 - 15 lb range and unloaded everything I had on them with no bites "bad Weather". Some of them were pretty soft and rotted and some were Beautiful .The Weather was cold, marble size hail , and ungodly amounts of wind and rain. Tuesday they were bringing them in on spinners. If anyone wants to PM me I can give some specific biting technices for the pond from some of my local buddies in Estecada. I don't hardly fish for them much anymore cause I am addicted to the Steelhead and Salmon fishing. I was just there fishing for the Chrome on the River with no luck and tried for some Rainbows, But my family and friends have been fishing for trout there for years.

Huge trout in store for some ponds

I'm not sure if Sheridan was one of the ponds in question, but I saw a guy pull out the biggest trout I've ever seen caught today. He caught it about 2 hours after they stocked it off a fly fishing rig over by the windmill. Everyone around him stopped and watched, and you should have heard the GASP! when it jumped and everyone saw how big it was. Then when he pulled it out ... frickin HUGE. Easily 24" I would say. Pretty awesome to watch.

I caught 5 off of silver kastmasters and 1 off of a Rooster Tail. All went back in or I lossed them in the water. No bites what so ever off PB dough or PB eggs so I have to agree with one of the other posters in a different thread about agressiveness toward lures (and not bait) when they are first stocked.

just stopped into Bi Mart in Albany and they said that the one in Timber Linn had already been caught.
then if it officially got weighed its officially a state record ;-) rainbow trout in oregon is 28 lbs that fish was released as 29 lb fish
he caught the 15.4 pounf triploid not the 29lber that is still available
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