Help with Fish Finder - Any one tried these ebay fish finders

I have a similar one. Mine's a humminbird. It works good casting from the shore or a boat.
Thanks TTFishon

I am kind of not liking that we have to keep changing tranducers once in 400 hours for Humminbird....

This ebay product seem to have a replacable battary.

Looking at the price difference between Humminbird and this product...

I am curious to know if this product works as advertised!
Yeah, it's a lot cheaper than mine. I bought mine used for 70 bucks and mine's kind of bulky to carry around. That one doesn't look nearly as bulky.
Got One!
The transducer thing was a -1 for me also. I ended up getting one of those Fishing buddies. It works great when sitting still and not so great once you hit about 3-4mph due to the round plastic pole that starts moving around due to the water current.

I'd also be interested if anyone buys the ebay thing if its worth anything
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