Help on the Mack! Please!

Okay, I've decided on my outing tomorrow...The McKenzie! Okay so heres my deli-ma...where to fish it? I know its closed above the dam so where.. I was told I could get into some fish at Armitage park. But one of the guys Im going with doesn't have waders.. I will be fly fishing and they will be throwing spinners. We want to get trout. Any body know of a place where we could get some good fishing in?
greenwood has a nice deep slot that holds some nice trout, and is friendly towards the wader-less. as does a couple of spots along deerhorn road.
Thanks Jeanna, Ill give one of those two places a try
Another area that's not bad is: as you are on your way up the river, you'll see blue signs along the road for the golf course. Right there along the river by those signs seems to be pretty good. I see cars parked there in that area all the time.
I gave it a shot..Tried Armitage and by the gold course. wasn't able to make it up to Greenwood. Not a single hit...Darn trout.
Get to hit the water again this weekend, will deffinitly report back. Any suggestions? Thanks again.
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