Got skunked at windy bay

rippin fish lips
Well got back from winchesterbay last night with no salmon but limited out on crab.
Got skunked this time =/ people were catching them all around us and landing them. Oh and i saw 2 sturgeon jump by the bridges up river. the tressel and the car bridge. they were about 6-8 feet long. they literally got our boat wet! Was a beautiful day!
Crazy how no one can figuere out why they jump. That river has a good population of jumpers too. Too bad you seem so sure when you stopped by before the trip that you were gonna limit out. least you guys got crabs.
rippin fish lips
yeah i really wanted to limit out. I like to go out and think postive on the way out. idk why we didn't get any =/ We were doing eveything right too. But we are still new to trolling
we fished the banks this morning at half moon and limited out, got a nice 22 lb nook hen so got more eggs, and a smaller 16 lb buck oh and 2 jacks. and my uncle got a clipped coho and a nook.
rippin fish lips
Well ill get them next time, It sill makes me mad that we didn't get one hooked fish tho!!!
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