Goose Hunting!

Hey everyone! I haven't been on in a while!

Does anyone know of any good public locations for goose hunting (especially over water) in the Corvallis area (will travel a reasonable distance) or even better maybe some farmers willing to give permission for someone to hunt? I am a bored college student and want to get out a few times in February to goose hunt! I have all my permits and stuff necessary.

If anyone wants to help me get back in the outdoors (maybe team up and go out together??) and do some hunting I would really really appreciate it! :D

Thanks to anyone who answers :)

- Cody
Bad Tuna
Knock on doors, meet some farmers at the Dixie creek saloon in tangent, talk to people at the local feed store, they will know a farmer or two with goose problems.
The river is great if you have a boat.
i wish i had a boat. maybe by next year if i save enough money working this summer! for now i am limited to as deep as my chest waders will get me and slow moving or still water.
City of Philomath will let you hunt the sh^t ponds...
I thought they were only open for viewing, i may have to look into that. I just wonder how I would retrieve a bird in the water :shock: .. haha
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