Gear for surf perch fishing?

I am putting gear together to start fishing for surf perch fishing. Have everything but chest waders and something to keep the fish in. Any recommendations for chest waders with boots. Would prefer breathable that won’t break the bank. I usually bleed and ice my fish right away. Would a soft cooler with a chest strap work ok.? Would be left on the beach while fishing.
I like breathable waders rather than neoprene ones. I'm of average build, and if it's cool, I can wear long johns and a couple of shirts and be comfortable. If I get warm I can pull off a layer or two. I buy the BiMart cheapies with stocking foot and they last at least 3 seasons or more for me. I also buy my boots from BiMart.

I carry a clam mesh bag and when I get a perch I bleed it right away and bag it. I keep a small cooler (like for a 6 pack) with ice in it either on the beach or at my car if not too far away. Works for me.

Check to see if Fisherman's still has their Caddis breathable waders on sale. They had some on sale for $59.99. I am not sure what kind of selection they have but that is a screaming deal. A soft cooler with a chest strap would work fine. Most of the time I would recommend just leaving the cooler on the beach and walking fish up. One other recommendation is to wear a PFD. You don't need anything fancy but it is good and cheap insurance against a sneaker wave.
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