Fourmile on 08-03-2011

Our original plan was to fish Lake of the Woods, since we never have. We went into the store &asked how the fishing was... The guy was upfront &honest; Which we love. He said the fishing SUCKS &nobody is pulling out anything that will "Whoa" your mind. We decided since we don't want to find the baby stockers, we will go where he suggested we fish. He told us Fourmile has some GREAT fishing. We headed over to Fourmile. We've never been there either. We went up to the camp host &asked how fishing was or where a hot spot on the lake would be. She told us about a regular there &where he catches all his big fish &with what bait. We followed her direction, but got nothing. We heard there are some huge fish in the lake too. Lately, they have been stocking it with Trophy's and Largers. We left the lake with only 1 fish. It was a 13" or so Brook Trout. GORGEOUS fish. We got no bites other than the one Jared had caught.

The lake definitely isn't a favorite. It sucks, lol. The wind is not the best thing in the world. The fish don't bite. The gravel road sucks when you're towing a boat. The boat ramp is lame because it's just sand. &most of all... THE MOSQUITOS are HORRIBLE when you're off the water! Our not so smart selves didn't bring bug repellent. Big mistake.

Overall, we didn't like the lake &won't be returning. Hopefully Lake of the Woods has some good fishing soon so we can go there! :)



Nice trout, but that's not a brookie guys.
Coastaldweller said:
Nice trout, but that's not a brookie guys.

Then what is it? We have never seen a Rainbow with spots all the way down to the belly &that many at that...
It looks like a cutbow to me...a hybrid.

Anyone else got a guess?

Oh...and at least you didn't get skunked!
Mad dog
Ariel&Jared12 said:
Then what is it? We have never seen a Rainbow with spots all the way down to the belly &that many at that...

It's a rainbow. Fourmile fishes good!!! Just hit it at the right times of the year in the right areas with the right baits!!! Not a good lake for begginers or fishermen that don't know it's can be very good with some quality fish!
Yep, thats just a fat lil bow.
Nice fishy....nice pics
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