Fly fishing 2009

Seen this thread around in other places. Lets see `em folks! Let this years chrome shine.:cool:
this one was on Rhonda Shelby`s fishtales on ch.2 yesterday
yee ol` man
yee brotha
just a few, decent year, had better.
OOPS sorry bout the double
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That fist picture blinded me. That's a chromer for sure. I like those reels pflueger medalist. I have several of those. It must have been some fun brining those fish in on that set up.;)
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dude young
Eff me! Clearly I need to fish more next year. Nice work bub.
I almost need sunglasses to look at thaat first pick:cool::lol:.
The fact you do that on a fly rod makes it all the more impressive. 2009 was good to you.
Thanx guys, it wasn`t bad. Lookin forward to another fishy year.

I just noticed, the 3rd shot of me with the fallies was the day I walked right out of my left wading boot. WHILE fighting a 15lb fally on an 8wt. I gingerly:redface: ran the fish down and with dads help, and gloved hand, we pulled chromer onto the bank. Then I was off for a little hike to car to CRAM my foot into one of my slip ons. It was the first fish of the day and I was not done!
Impressive year

Impressive year

:shock: :shock: That is an impressive year! Congratulations on a year most of us dream about. :clap: :clap: Leaves me drooling. :redface: :lol:
great fish!!!!save one for me:):)
Throbbit _Shane
That first one is hella bright. Nice fish brother/
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