Florida fisherman coming to Oregon. I want to fish!!

Comin to portland June 23rd with my other half for one of her family members weddings. Anyways we are gonna be there through the 26th and hitting the coast up and down the state the rest of the week. Ive been to alaska several times but this will be my first time to your great state. Im very excited!

Id love to go halibut or salmon fishing, honestly id rather catch the best bite going on during that time span. Only looking to fish one day. Ive been looking at charters and they all seem like party boats. Im a tournament fishermen and part time guide in Jacksonville, florida and i would never send a visitor out on one of our party boats so im kind of skeptical of them.

Are there any exceptional captains who stand out anywhere along the coast or run a smaller capacity vessel?

Will halibut and salmon be open in your state during that week? (Ive seen mixed statements)

If anyone is fishing that week and has a extra spot even i come bearing gas/bait money and cleaning hands.
Any help and or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
Capt. Nathan Stuart

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I don't quite understand the Halibut season fully having only fished for them a couple times. I do know the season is tricky because it goes off of total weight of all halibut caught, it seems sometime in June the season closes while they tally up the weight and then reopen it.

As for salmon, I am just making an assumption here as to fishing them in the ocean (hopefully someone who fishes them more than I do will give you a better idea about this) As the rivers go for salmon we have 2 seasons Spring and Fall. June is a bit in between seasons for salmon, there will be salmon in the rivers but the vast majority of them are going to be dark and soft (not desirable). It's all about water temperature Salmon move into the rivers to spawn and die. I've hooked a bunch of salmon in June and later its not much of a sport. Imagine hooking a boot full of water, that's the fight you can expect.

Now on to the good news, Summer Steelhead will be in full swing on rivers like the Siletz, Nestucca, Wilson.. Google ODFW and read the regs under the fishing section a lot of costal rivers are closed for fishing during the summer to protect the spawning salmon but some have a very strong summer steelhead fishery and are open.

I hope this was helpful

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Columbia River ocean area does not open for salmon fishing until July 1 but south of Astoria (Cape Falcon) all the way to the southern border is open for recreational chinook fishing. Caught a nice chinook this past weekend in the salt out of Winchester Bay, so they are showing up now and end of June should be good numbers of them. There could also be the possibility of spring salmon fishing still going on in Tillamook bay. The Columbia river will have summer chinook and summer steelhead during that time frame and catch and release sturgeon fishing is good all year.

Some of the bay guides will combine bay fishing with some ocean fishing and bottom fishing depending on your preference. Also it's worth watching the weather and sea surface temps and early reports for tuna fishing. End of June may be a wee bit early, but the tuna fishing got rolling pretty early last summer. Sorry. Wish I could help with a guide reference for the salt. I've only fished the ocean with friends and never cared to go on a party charter with drunken chummers. It's the ocean. With chinook salmon, tuna, and a variety of bottom fish and rock fish....Something fun to catch will be on the bite :thumb:
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There is always bottom fishing. The bite on black rockfish has been good, with lingcod a bit harder to find in any size.

Coho opens June 25, but likely smaller in size. Chinook are out there, fish deep off the rigger.

Last year we caught 9 tuna June 22. That was a fair day for June, but a poor day in August or September. I expect about the same timing this year.

Send me a PM if you want information on small charters out of Garibaldi.

Meanwhile - Grady White Marlin w/twin 250s

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