Float line?

Hey everyone, Just a quick question. I was wondering, I saw some people using what they called yellow float line a few day's ago. What are you trying to accomplish by using it? Aside from it's obvious name. I assumed it was to assist them in not getting hung up, but am not positive. Also, how critical is it to use when fishing for steelhead from the bank. It looked like they were driftin' a bobber. Obviously I'm new to this kind of fishin, so go easy on me. Thanx in advance.

yellow float line is good for when you are bobber and jig fishing, it allows the line to stay above the water so you can mend it easier and set the hook better well atleast thats what it does for me
Click on the steelhead hunters website they do a pretty good review of it.
As long as your not gettin hydrofloat.... That stuff is junk. The outer layer comes off whith your float stops and it casts like crap.
thanks guys. Well it sounds like it's not exactly somethin' I need to worry about.
tdales said:
thanks guys. Well it sounds like it's not exactly somethin' I need to worry about.

well there are a lot of differnt float fishing lines out there. like hydrofloat from pline or tuffline daracast or fireline or powerpro. I use fire line and love it I like the powerpro as well. I have heard good things on the daracast. I have not tryed hydro float sence rite befor it came out 3 years ago. it has bean redizined and they clame they fixed the problem with the outer coating. Steelhead stalkers did a good review on it you could check that out but a hi vise braided line will help if you are going to be float fishing. i hope this helps thanks for reading Dan
Hydrofloat is ok but there are newer lines out that work better! I like fireline crystal for float fishing as well as the new spiderwire invisibraid. Both float high in the water and are easy to mend. I would not use anything higher than 15 lb for braid because they are so much stronger than that and you don't need a line that can break at 100lbs. The lighter ones like 10lb and 15lb break well over 20lbs and they are very thin which help with casting as well as mending the line. They come off the water without hardly any movement of the float.
I just started using hydrofloat(pline).I do NOT recommend wasting your cash on this stuff,the coating still strips way to easily, and bobber stops are a death sentence.It seems to perform as it should as far as mending goes,but Im gonna try something else next time.my 2 cents:D
Thanks everyone I went ahead and went with tuf line xp. Seems a little difficult to mend but's workin out alright.
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