Fishing from the bank

Can anyone recommend a good and safe place to go fishing from the bank at Hagg Lake? Is a certain area (s) better than others? My father-in-law is taking my daughter there this week. This will be her second time fishing and the first time didn't catch anything. Thanks for the assistance!
Welcome to OFF. Glad to have you aboard.

There are many threads on here, about Henry Hagg Lake. If you search through those, you should find all of the information that you will need.

Good luck. Hope the kid gets at least one.
well what i have seen is that there is allot of people around boat dock A, now if i was on the bank, i would think that they catch allot of fish in that area....good luck and if your guys get some post the pics for us to see, we all love pictures
Boat ramp C has many safe areas and places were the bank isn"t steep. A number of people even set up by picnic tables and fish for trout. Look for an area the has some grass nmearby you can cast to with a bobber and 1/3 worm. Bluegill are moving to the bank to spawn and are fun and easy to catch plus you may pick up bass and perch as well as an occasional trout.
I have had plenty of luck fishing near Boat Ramp C. If you park and walk down the trail on the left side of the parking lot you'll find some really decent bank spots near the cove there. I use green power eggs on bottom and limit almost everytime. Good Luck!
No luck yesterday. They went fishing from boat ramp C. My daughter had one on but lost it. Other than that it was pretty quiet. I don't think that they were fisihing at the ideal time - from 2-5pm. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. We will be trying it again soon.
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