FINALLY got my Steelhead

Tom Finn
FIRST STEELHEAD IN 12 YEARS!!!! Despite a crummy reel and a lack of experience with Steelies I hooked up with a 10lb Native Buck @ 8:00 this morning on the Siletz, just below Logsden. It was freezing cold and my eye-loops kept getting iced over (I'm using braided line), but they seem to love those Little Cleos. The fish only fought about 4-5 minutes, but it also jumped 4-5 times and swam under the boat twice so I think it was more luck than anything I did that kept it on.
I know the picture is incredibly goofy.......I promise I'll look less like a dweeb and more like a fisherman for the next one. But I really don't care. I've still got this goofy grin on my face 13 hours later :D
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nice fish! congrats :clap:
Good job and great fish!!!!! there is nothing like the feeling of the first winter steelie!!!! Congrats!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Proud moment, nice work!
Throbbit _Shane
very nice!!!! iv been having luck with spoons too :D
The photo says it all.. nice grin.. nice fish
way to go man...welcome back
Ha! too funny!, Ive learned that the hardest thing to do is hold a fish for a picture and look cool.. they just don't seem to go together. Very nice fish, congrats!
Nice fish...... Sometimes you just can't hold back the excitement.
Mad dog
Nice!!! :clap: Way to keep after it during tough fishing conditions! :clap:
Nice. Keep grinnin.
Very nice......goofy is excused when your holding steel...
Goofy is what this forum is all about. Welcome to the Goofy OFF gang. That is a great first post.

That's what I was thinking...what an AWESOME first post!!!

It's now been some 29 hours, and I'd bet big bucks <pun intended>, that your still wearing a smile!
rippin fish lips
nice fish! Congrats on your first steel!
Way to go, guess I'll just keep swinging away hoping for my first also.
How you look in that picture is how I feel every time I catch a steelhead :lol:...

Job well done! Now go get another.
Efffin SWEET! Right on - love that water your on there... know it pretty ok! Hope to get out with ya soon Tom - only home for a couple days. Spring maybe?

Nice Job Buddy keep it up!
Tommy!!!! Welcome to off buddy!! It was very exciting watching u fight that fish and then getting to photograph u and ur excitement:) the pic says it all!! Also u got to do ur first "alumaweld net a fish drift boat dance"! That just does my heart good!!! Cheers, Bob
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