Fiberglass "S-Glass" rods?

Does anyone out there own any Lamiglas, or Fenwick, "S-Glass" fiberglass rods? If so, I'd like to know what your opinions/experiences are with them. I'm also curious to know, if any other manufacturer's ever made any "S-Glass" rods too. So, please let me know if you have any that are made by any companies, other than Lami or Fen.

Whats the problem with Fenwicks and Lami's ?

Hmmm...I think that you may have misinterpreted my thread somehow Chuck.

IMHO, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Lami's and Fenwicks!

I own 2 S-Glass Lami's. One is a 5' UL trout/panfish rod that weighs less than an ounce. It is a BLAST w/ a 17" 'bow on the hook! I also have a 8' steelhead S-Glass Lami. I haven't used it yet, but am looking forward to that day.

My primary questions are to:

1. See if any other OFFers also own any "S-Glass" rods.
2. If so, whether they like them as much as I do; or have other preferences.

BTW, I read on the Washington Fly forum this morning that Fenwick's "Fenglass" rods are made from "S-Glass". But, I had always assumed that those rods were/are made from the more standard "E-Glass". Can anyone verify or dispute that comment?

I want to add more S-Glass rods to my collection too. So, that's why I'd like to see what others like, or don't, about S-Glass rods.
Wright and Mcgill have an "S-glass" and an "S-curve" series.... Im sure you're intrested in a trout rod? I dont think they have trout models, might be worth looking into.
Thank you Squatch! I'm interested in ANY S-Glass rods/manufacturers; not only trout rods.

BTW, I had read somewhere today (can't recall which forum), that "All" Fenwick "Fenglass" series rods are made with S-Glass blanks. However, I have just called Fenwick's customer service department and have dispelled that comment. Those Fenglass rods are all made with "Durowall" E-Glass blanks. That is not the same as S-Glass.
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Very cool.... BIMart JUST started carrying there rods... 99 bucks
The Fenglass Rods?
No, I think you edited right after I posted... I was speaking on the Wright and Mcgills.
Or maybe I didn't read through your post fully. haha
RunWithSasquatch said:
Or maybe I didn't read through your post fully. haha


I'll have to go see those W & Mc's! I thought you were talking about older models. But, new is good!
Hey Squatch,

Based on this product description information on Amazon...the "S-Glass" and "S-Curve" are two completely distinct, and separate, types of rods. What Bi-Mart, and many others, are selling appear to be "S-Curve" and not the old-style "S-Glass" fiberglass rods.

Here is that description:

This process combines T-Glass with high-density graphite as the core of the blank. Carbon yarn, PBO fiber and glass fibers are then woven into a combination of T-Glass and high-density graphite producing a blank that is super strong and has increased compression resistance. It is then wrapped by carbon tape and high-density graphite to eliminate cracking and to increase breaking strength. The result is the revolutionary W&M S-Curve rod series. These rods provide the perfect transmission of power for fighting powerful fish, enhanced torque and lifting power while still being extremely light to minimize angler fatigue.
they are different, but i think they are marketed as a new package from wright and mcgill, and should all be the same price.... They only have a few plug/ salmon models in the S - glass

Maybe im off on a weird tangent though...
I think that you misunderstood, what I am trying to say.

Based on what I read...the new rods, from Wright & McGill, are not the S-Glass rods that I like and enjoy. They are some new fangled technology altogether. They may still be good rods (and I'll check them out). However, the new S-Curves are just not the same as true least as I understand it.
Okay, i think i kinda felt that all along... especially when you started talking vintage. We're on the same page now.
NBD bro.

I'm still glad that you told me about those new rods. I'll go check them out.

If you should get one of them, let us know how you like it.
I didn't get a S-Glass,but the S-curve.10' 15-30 Alaskan Medium Drifter...I did look at a couple W/M glass rods at the Thurston Bi-Mart...20/40 and a little more rod than I was looking for..LOL

You probably won't see it...I wasn't bringing it tomorrow...To much rod for low water...LOL
I might be wrong, but I *think* some of the old school St. Croix rods were made from S-glass. There were some schuper schweet vintage St. Croix glass flyrods on eBay last week, but they were well out of my current price range.
Yes, you are quite correct. I just looked it up. Now, the hunt is on (eBay, craig's list, etc).


Well, I went garage sailing here in Corvallis this morning. I stumbled onto yet another S-Glass rod maker...Berkley! I bought a 6' 6" light spinning rod, which is labeled "S-Glass / Composite". The best part of all; I nabbed it for a meager $10 spot! WOOT WOOT!

OH, I also bagged an 8' 6" Daiwa graphite steelhead caster--with matching low profile reel--for $20. SCORE! It'll also double up well, as a good troller for some Fall Chinokanee @ GP.

Also got a salmon net w/ extended handle for $3.

It was a good day to get up early.

I have found out about yet 2 more companies, that have made S-Glass rods. Two of my current rod inventory are made by the German company D.A.M. Quick. They are identical rods and made of S-Glass.

I also just saw a first year (1978) Sage rod sell on eBay. I would have LOVED to get that rod. But, I didn't want to throw over $150 at it. It looked well worth that. But, I've got my eye on some rods at Wholesports. So, I passed up on that Sage (if you see a mid-sized angler go up and over the goal post at the Beaver's just me...cuz I'm kicking myself).
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