Fern Ridge questions

So, I've got a new boat, or new to me at least. Before I plan and execute a trip for real - Odell for mackinaw and kokes, or the Umpqua estuary for springers come to mind - I'm going to take it for a shakedown on Fern Ridge, since I live in Veneta. It's probably a crime to launch, run, and recover a boat on a lake with fish in it without at least trying, so .... if you were in my shoes, what would you try? I've seen reference to crappie and cutthroat by the dam, and largemouth by the creek inlets, particularly Amazon. A bruiser carp probably wouldn't hurt my feelings, either. Thoughts?
venetafisher said:
largemouth by the creek inlets, particularly Amazon.
That's what gets my vote! Mornings or evenings. Surface plugs/poppers and/or crankbaits should do the trick. Good luck.

The bridge pilings along the south side should be good hiding spots too. For both bucketmouths and crappie.
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