Fall Nook - De Skunked!

Swamp Puppy
Got out wed morning and got the skunk off the boat on our second trip out this year.

Tides were ripping hard and we only saw one other boat with a fish that day...it happened to be a friend of ours and they bonked a 20lb'er about 20 minutes before i got mine. both fish were caught towards the bottom end of the tide.

we were in about 34' of water and she slammed a silver simon with an orange/copper'ish painted front.

didn't have a scale on the boat, but we felt comfortable calling this 30lbs. the crappy cell phone picture doesn't do it justice. she was BRIGHT chrome and also gave up a couple of nice skeins of eggs.
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Very nice! Congratulations!
nice catch!
I want one!..maybe two..
Swamp Puppy
me to! we got shut out on saturday last week, but the river was rough and between the rolling sloppy swells and hard running tide we were having trouble keeping our gear down.

hitting the river again on thursday and maybe friday as well. don't think i'll do much more weekend fishing as the crowds were not to my liking.
...better picture!

...better picture!

Hey, that's a nice fish! :clap::clap::clap:
Nice fish, thats a fatty Coho...
she made your day.......awesome fish...keep it reelin...
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